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Anticheat comes to Linux (a ramble)

Reviewing my friends Epic games as fast as possible - Yes really. (anti-content)

Yokus Island Express - STUNNINGLY GOOD

Dealing with the rich, puppet fornication and the kingdom of Heaven - Trendy Talk

PGA TOUR 2K21 - A terrible way to spend actual money. Almost as bad as REAL golf

Neodeud - Cyberpunk and beautiful but still a point and click sadly.

Lake - A relaxing slice of life game. And its set in the 80's - Linux

100% True Facts about Windows 11

Butlers, The Matrix, style guides and fitness games - Trendy Talk

Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG - With your friend Uoou

Use Protontricks to fix games that crash when you "alt+tab"

Places that are games - The Forgotten City & Myst. Thoughts & Rambles.

Tale of Immortal - With your friend Uoou

Separating art from artist, the anatomy of puzzle games and Linux news from 2012 - Trendy Talk

Psychonauts 2 - With your friend Drew.

The DWM patches I use and some other stuff to pad the video.

realMyst - I finished Myst.

Myst - I love this escape room puzzle box.

People love surveillance, gender, a camera lens - Trendy Talk

Caves of Qud (again) - With your friend uoou

Viva Pinata (Via Xcloud)

Slstatus a Suckless tool.

Splitgate (Beta) - Free to play shooty fun and its NATIVE Linux.

Has free software failed? Teeline shorthand, Pot Noodles and Tux Racer - Trendy Talk

Quake got an update. So here I am.

Playing Outriders and saying nothing useful (Anti-content at its finest)

Library Of Ruina - With your friend Uoou

Haven Park - Seems nice, but I don't like it.

The Forgotten City - With Uoou

Teabags, fountain pens, our first crush and why cards are pointless - Trendy Talk

The Last Spell - With Uoou

ThinkPad Keyboard a week later.

Printing with Netcat. (CUPS free printing on Linux)

In defence of Barbarella, Apple won't save your kids, and Gen X wont save the web - Trendy Talk

Raptor and rambling. (Anti-content)

ThinkPad Compact USB keyboard (KU-1255)

Lazy Galaxy 2 - More awesome space clicking. so good! (Linux)

Banners of Ruin - With your friend Drew

I talk about Linux Desktop Environments choices for new users.

I google which Linux Distro to install to try and understand new users confusions. (A long ramble)

Some Linux things explained for the Steam-deck hype people who keep messaging me.

DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS - Farming with a robot cat.

PDFs as web pages, Catholicism, privacy and Steam Decks - Trendy Talk

Panic Mode - its fine.

Paradise Killer - Is good!

Modern phones, Steam Deck, hardware upgrade cycles and how much creatives should share - Trendy Talk

Ghostrunner - With your friend Uoou (Linux)

Steam Deck reactions discussed. With HexDSL & Uoou

Manifold Garden - With your friend Uoou

Rogue State Revolution - With your friend Uoou.

Orbital Bullet: The 360 Roguelite - Linux

Vivid Knight - Its like slay the spire but super happy. (Linux)

Authy. Its got a desktop app you know! (Linux)

Black Skylands - Pirates in the sky. (Linux)

Paladins and rambling about streaming services... and more. (Anti-content... very much so)

Debian, Github Copilot, Audacity nonsense and free software - Trendy Talk

Debian a few days in (Spoiler, its still great)

DUR - Debian User Repository (an AUR for Debian)

Debian Package Review (#short)

Star Control Origins - Relaxing space friend sim? (Linux, GFN)

Finally switched to Debian. My forever home? (Linux)

Finances, streaming, Debian and bamboo - Trendy Talk

XCloud - Xbox game pass - Linux

Antaria Online - an MMO that costs 0.40 (Linux)

Dauntless Geforce Now (Giving it another try) - AniContent

Debian, Organic Maps, Google and gemini blogs - Trendy Talk.

Train Station Renovation - Odd and enjoyable, I guess. (linux, Geforce Now)

Cruelty Squad - an amazing game that looks like its not!

Browser VPN bypass (with Mullvad on Linux) - version 2

Browser VPN bypass (with Mullvad on Linux)

Lunas Fishing Garden - Fun game about Fishing and animals. I like it quite a lot. (Linux)

Melvor Idle - An awesome idle game

Biomutant - Finished the story and had some things to ramble about. (Anti-content, I guess)

Steam Tinker launcher (being explained badly)

Biomutant - Its great. (Linux)

Tales of Berseria - I didnt like it, but also I did like it (Linux)

Fun with Python and Owncast chat.

Iliad, Vim vs VScode, motherboards and more - Trendy Talk

Code-Server (cloud VSCode) - its okay. (Linux, Self host and bonus ramble)

Book Club: The Emerilia Series by Michael Chatfield. - Did not enjoy.

Hidden Object - 12 in 1 bundle and a rant about my mainboard being terrible (Linux, Anti-content)

Freenode, Python is easy, too much gaming talk, Chris is missing - Trendy talk

Days Gone (Linux, proton, Uoou)

Until We Die (Steam, Linux)

Star Wars Republic Commando (Linux, Anti-Content)

Reventure - its just really fun (Linux)

Owncast - a tour of the "control panel thing"

Self hosted all the things. - I have had a busy week. (Linux, Self Hosting)

Self hosting: Gitea, Owncast, FreshRSS, Pleroma and more - Trendy Talk

Gitea - Self hosted git

Pleroma - Self hosted twitter (kinda) ?

Owncast - Self Hosted Twitch?

I got an Unicomp (Endurapro) buckling spring keyboard and I like it.

Self-hosting, keyboards, Linux distros and parasocial relationships - Trendy Talk

EndeavourOS - Distro thoughts. (Just installed it)

Trendy Talk: Chis Were, Drew and Hex talk about things (Gemini, The Broken web and Nertz)

VIM for Chris. (How to exit, yeah, not a joke)

Trendy Talk - No server twitter and creating a standard because we said so.

AppImages are good and I think they are useful. (Linux)

Updates, the ramble. - Linux Thoughts from me.

A #shorts video because my friend told me to. #shorts

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Ratmen are best men.

Website and Gemini Updating (A workflow video, I guess) - Linux.

Moving Out - I was not entertained. (Linux)

Ys: The Oath in Felghana (A 16 hour mark check in) - Linux

How not to play Wolf 3D with your pal HexDSL (ecwolf) - Linux

Cyberpunk 2077 is boring (Featuring Geforce Now game-play)

Loop Hero (About an hour of new player gameplay) - Linux.

Trendy Talk - All your Culture belongs to them.

Loop Hero (A more concise look at a great game)

Close your web browser by default. - Burn the Web.

Monolith (A little bit of gameplay) - Linux

Wolf 3d - This time I got to play it - thanks Luxtorpeda

The merits of BBC and is email relevant? - Trendy Talk

Hex Fails: to play Star Trek Games (Linux)

Doom 3 - Rambing and chatting (Anti-content)

I got a pine-phone. Not at all like a pine-cone (First impressions)

Kingdom Two Crowns - Played that for a bit (Linux)

Best desktop environments, Linux works great on new hardware - Trendy Talk

Andromeda (The TV show) - Some thoughts from HexDSL and his friend Drew. (No one asked for this)

Gemini - Still cool. A check in.

Koi Farm - A relaxing game about fish. (Linux)

Dungeons 3, Playing and rambling - Anti-content

Evil Genius 2: World Domination - Make it Work in Linux

Is surveillance a problem? Is YouTube on the way out? - Trendy Talk

MPD web streaming? - Make your own Spotify.

Tuxi is a cool "terminal assistant" also, Brodie Robertson is cooler than me.

Putting pointless things online - Web, Gemini, Scrobble, Wallpaper (Anti-content)

I have a web "RADIO" feed now. Sort of, kinda.

Dorfromantik - Happy little town building with uoou

Usenet - Some thoughts and a little explanation.

Radio, E-mail, self hosting, leaving steam behind and reaching out - Trendy Talk

HexDSL and Chris Were Play Xonotic and Red Eclipse 2 - Linux, Free Software.

Anarch - Totally free game about freedom and shooting robots. - its great. (Itch, Linux)

Jump3Match - Jump, turn, match, yay. (Itch, Linux)

Throw Cubes into Brick Towers To Collapse Them (Itch, Linux)

Some Itch stuff. And a good old Ramble. (Anti-content)

Sometimes little things need fixing - A Ramble about things (Linux, anti-content)

Mesa messed up. I had graphics issues. (AMD 5600xt problems)

What's wrong with Ubuntu, free software licences and accidental Morrowind - Trendy Talk

Quake live (And some rambling about the free alternatives)

I read a book: C Programming in easy steps - Here are some thoughts.

Favo!+ - A little game about matching things.

Microsoft Edge: the best browser for Linux? C is great, Parc Alto was awesome and more - Trendy talk

The 10,000 subscriber overly detailed office tour. (You probably don't want this - Anti-content)

Glances, Terminal based System overview - Linux!

Humble Bundle Roguelikes 2 - Tested in Linux

Minecraft Server on Ubuntu 14.04 (Linux)

Humble Indie Bundle 14 - ADDITIONAL GAMES! - Tested in Linux

Contraption Maker Linux Not launching? - FIXED

GNOME 3.16.0 - Now released on Arch Linux

Humble Weekly Bundle Tabletops - Linux Games Tested!

Strife - Tested in Linux

Amazon FireTV Stick - UNBOXING (UK Version)

Blender on Steam! Tested in Linux & In home streaming from Windows

Heroes of The Storm - Steam In Home Streaming settings (I am a Linux gamer)

Humble Weekly Indie Game Magazine - Linux Games Tested!

Humble Weekly Surprise Attack Bundle - LINUX games tested!

Hows it going Planetary Annihilation? (Linux)

Linux Gaming! - RoboCraft - Its Good!

Nostalgia! - A Box of Ten Floppy Disks!

Nostalgia! - Unreal 2 PC Game Unboxing!

Humble Weekly Bundle - RPG Edition Book II - Linux Game Tested!

The Original STRIFE! - A linux Game i liked.

Quest Hard! - UK based Gaming talk - Witcher 3, Beyond Earth, Diablo cows - May 18th

Card City Nights - A Linux Game I like

Ittle Dew, a Linux game i like.

Humble Weekly Bundle ADVENTURE! 2 - Linux Games Tested!

Invisible, Inc. - A Linux Game.

Humble Mobile ARTIFEX - Linux Games!

System Shock 2 - A Linux Game (Failure)

Convergence - Comic Nom

The Witcher 2 - A Linux Game

Humble Weekly Bundle Retro-Ism - Linux Tested!

Humble E3 Bundle - Linux Tested!

Geometry Wars 3 - A Linux Game!

Fight The Dragon - A Linux Game

Humble Weekly Cats Cats CATS! - Linux Tested!

GoatZ - A Linux Game!

Borderlands 2 - Linux Tested

Back To Bed - Humble Bundle - LINUX TESTED

Portal Stories: Mel - A Linux/SteamOS Game (Mod)

Spec ops: The Line - Linux Tested!

Arma Tactics - Humble Bundle game - LINUX TESTED!

Humble Weekly Bundle -KickStarter - LINUX TESTED

Tiny & Big - A Linux Game I Liked.

Humble Bundle: Jumbo 4 - Linux Tested!

Star Wars KOTOR2 - Linux Tested!

Humble Weekly: Simulators 4 - Linux Tested!

Terraria! - A Linux Game!

Caves of Qud - A Linux Game I like

Trying to install windows 10... lol

Humble weekly Games From Japan bundle - Linux Tested.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - LINUX! (no in-game footage)

Letter Quest Remastered! - A Linux Game I Like

Humble Weekly Bundle: Return of Space Boy - LINUX TESTED!

Humble PC & Android Bundle 13 - LINUX TESTED!

ARK: Survival Evolved! -Linux Tested.

Company of Heroes 2 - Linux tested! (is this a bug?)

Hearthlands - A linux Game i like (Early Access)

Humble Weekly Bundle Mergegames & Friends LINUX tested

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Another little linux test!

So im using KDE5 now, want to take a look?

Switching to Linux, where should you start? starting points explained.

The Stanley Parable - A Linux Game!

What games should I look at next? (A call for suggestions!)

My XFCE 4.12 Setup (Arch Linux)

You Have to Win the Game - A linux game!

Hex Finally caved and made a Q&A :)

Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon - A Linux Game

OpenTTD - A FREE Linux Game I like!

Super Tux Kart! - A FREE Linux game.

Exteme Tux Racer! - A FREE Linux Game.

Dead Island - A Linux Game (now with added CRASH!)

Streming Media in Linux? - YES!

Excuses have to be made! - No video today (or maybe tomorrow lol)

Party Hard! - A Linux Game I Like

Gigabyte Force M7 Mouse - First impressions (From a Linux gamer)

Teddy Floppy Ears - The Race! A Linux Game!


The Quest Hard! - Humble monthly, Star game angry people, More Diablo! Gaming Talk from the UK!

The Teddy Floppy Ears Bundle - I play some kids games In Linux!

Quest Hard! - UK talk featuring, BBC, Elite Dangerous, Garry Oldman, Battlefront and more

A VLOG! - where are all the new videos dude? WHERE ARE THEY?

Quest Hard! - Lol Championship, PC Woes, Animal Crossing and More..

Tex Murphy games - Linux games I'm nostalgic for

Insurgency - A BETA Linux game :)

Quest Hard! - PC Gaming talk from the UK - Featuring Vermintide, Batman & Lol

Alien: Isolation - An Awesome Linux Game!

Quest Hard! - UK gaming talk - EA DLC, Batman stuff, Fallout Mods!

Teslagrad - A Linux Game I Like

Besiege - Lets fix the screen resolution problem in Linux

Quest Hard! - Candy Cash, Humble Monthly, WoW movie and No aliens, none.

Steam Link DOES NOT require controller Dongle.

Rambling about Steam Controller/Link (From a Linux POV)

Quest Hard! - UK Gaming talk featuring Binding of Isaac, Steam controller and more.

The Chaos Engine - A Linux Game!

Quest Hard! - Star Wars Battlefront, Valve kill our wallets and more....

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - A Linux Game!

Quest Hard! - AMD driver fail, Rocket League Awesome, Arkham is still pants and more...

Dying Light - A Linux Game!

Quest Hard UK! - Double Fine, Psychonauts 2, GAME Hardware, EA Say sorry.

I fail at Neon Struct! - A Linux Game! (and how to fix the 'fail to launch' issue in Linux)

Chroma Squad! - A Linux Game

Quest Hard! A ramble with JUST HexDSL about Smach Z, Steam Controller updates and NCA child advice

Quest Hard! - The Unplanned Xmas Special :)

Quest Hard! - Steam Winter Sale 2015! (Day 1)

Quest Hard - Last show of 2015! (just gaming talk)

Energy Hook! (early Access) - A linux Game!

TowerFall Ascension - A LInux game

Quest Hard! Nuns real or fiction" - also, SMITE, Steam Sale, Tomb Raider and VR!

DESCENT UNDERGROUND! - Playing in linux!

Quest Hard UK! - VR Roundup! (Vive, Oculus, PS4-VR, Xbox-VR?)

Time Clickers! - A Free Linux Game!

Quest Hard UK! - we play loads of games, the Ship 1.5, goat sim stupidity and more

Bit Blaster XL - A retro Style Linux game.

Quest Hard UK! - Atari Classics, Yandere Sim Sadness and Other stuff.

World Of Warcraft - Runs GREAT in Linux! (wine)

Quest Hard! - Division attitude, steam sale AGAIN, and some VR

Pony Island, a Linux Game!

Broke Age - A Linux game (Its not Broken in Linux)

The 7th Guest - A Classic game, A Linux Game.

Quest Hard! - Gabe gives away Vives, Amazon Game Engine, Xbox powered steam stuff?

My Monitor Layout/Workflow (themes, applications and what's on my dock) - Epic Rundown (25 mins)

My Desk Area (A Linux Shrine) - Hardware, physical layout and choices justified!

Time of Dragons - A linux Game!

Hex Play's TIBIA! (and gets REALLY confused) - Linux Gaming

Highlights of todays WoW stream - Linux+Wine+Buddy

Quest Hard! - Smite on PS4, Make War Not Love event, Paragon, HTC Vice Test and more

Sunless Sea - for LINUX!

2016 02 29 21 18 39

Duet - A (NEW) Linux Game

Goodbye Gnome, the Vlog. :)

Quest Hard! - Microsoft UWP (Die windows, DIE!)

EXACTLY how i fixed my Vsync issues (Another Vlog)

Switchcars! - A Fun Linux Game!

Deponia - A Linux Game!

Quest Hard - Batman, Payday, Leagal issues and diablo! - game talk from the UK!

Linux Has more games than Xbox one and PlayStation 4 COMBINED.

Raspberry pi 3 running Ubuntu MATE

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human - A Linux Game!

nuclear throne - Got half hour to kill so.... Shooting stuff. (Gameplay Stream)

Victor Vran - Linux Game.

Bit Blaster XL - AGAIN! - A Linux game.

Linux Game Giveaway!

Quest Hard! - Quantum broke, Itchi.io, ARK free to play. Titan Fall 2,

3DS streetpass 'generator" (SpillPass/HomePass)- Raspberry pi based awesome!

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered - A LINUX GAME

Quest Hard! - Gaming Talk from the UK. Doom, Nintendo and Red Dead leaks.

Dinocide - A linux Game

LinConnect - Android Notifications on your Linux desktop!

Quest Hard! - Blizzard, Horse Cars, blackroom and more, gaming talk from the UK.

Aten CS22U 2-Port USB Cable KVM Switch - Thoughts.

wayward - A Linux Game

Hyper Light Drifter - A Linux Game.

Quest Hard Live! - Battlefield 1, Nvidia news, Origin Access and more UK gaming talk!

Duskers - A Linux Game

Stellaris - A Linux game

Punch Club! - A Linux Game

Ques Hard! Live - #Games #Civ6 #DarkSouls #SteamSale #Disney #Wolf3d

Star Conflict! - A Linux game

Istrolid - A Linux Game.

Quest Hard! - UK gaming talk Family guy drama, Steam on PS4 and more....

Atari Vault - A Linux Game

Quest Hard! - Rocket league, Overwatch and more.

.Xpenguin - COMING SOON - 5th of June (2016)

Low Spec Linux Games?

.Xpenguin - Linux geek talk!

Quest Hard Live! Gaming talk from the UK.

Salt and Sanctuary - A GREAT Linux game!

Snakebird - A Linux Game.

Hex is not a smart man (casual vlog)

Diablo III - A WINE Adventure!

Murder, she wrote! (A WINE Adventure) - Unedited stream.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc - A Linux Game

Quest Hard! All the S's (Gaming talk from the UK)

Defenders Quest DX - A Linux Game

Steam In Home Streaming over WiFI!

Snappy Packages on an Arch Based Distro!

The Source "SetLocale" error - A Linux problem solved.

Transmission Element 120 - A Linux game.

.Xpenguin - Containers, snappys and linux ramblings.

Grow Home - A Linux game.

Linux - The 90's movie trailer!

How and where to ask that Linux question!

Hand of Fate - A Linux game.

Absolute Drift - A Linux Game

THE BIG STEAM SALE LIST (20 Mins of rambling!)

Depths of Peril - I didn't even know that I owned this game! - Linux

Metro Last Light Redux - A BAD PORT?

Quest Hard! Zero Content Maximum ramblinling

The BEST Linux Application. - lolcat.

Linux Tearing? ForceFullCompositionPipeline

Steredenn - A Linux Game

Crypt of the NecroDancer - A Linux Game

Satellite Reign - first hour of gameplay on Linux with twitch chat :)

.Xpenguin - 32bit rants, gnu, games, Redhat and more #Linux Talk!

Kdenlive and Adobe Premiere - some thoughts. (24 mins of ramble)

Quest Hard! - Gaming talk, no topics just talking (with Twitch)

Turn off Monitor NOW - a Linux tip :)

livestreamer-twitch-gui - Twitch client for linux.

The First Hour of ALIEN: ISOLATION with Twitch chat!

Quest Hard! - 2 dudes talk about games for an hour! - Lots of Nintendo!

Nuclear Throne - A Linux Game (yes, again)

One Click access to TWITCH streams! (Gnome Extension)

Baldurs Gate Enhanced - A Linux Game

Open Dyslexic Font - A Thing for dyslexic geeks.

.Xpenguin - Games, Discussion and a whole heap of Linux!

System Shock 1994 - A Linux Game

One More Dungeon - A Linux Game.

The First Hour of... Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! (Linux Game)

Is Gnome better than XFCE for gaming? - BENCHMARK TIME!

Minetest - A FREE Linux Game.

Stardew Valley - LINUX BETA!

1 hour 45 mins of .Xpenguin show-note discussion with Twitch chat.

.Xpenguin for 31st of July 2016 - Snappy, new users, windows hate, electron and keepweb

Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition - A Linux Game

Enpass Password Manager - I tested on #Linux

I install BSD in a VM (2 hours of this!)

Random Access Murder - A Linux Game

Leaving Google! (21 min talk)

Faeria - A FREE Linux game!

Overlord 2 - A Linux

RSS Reader options and discussion! (Leaving Reddit!)

.Xpengiuin Mozilla, Faeria, FSF report and more #Linux Talk!

Reigns - A Linux Game!

Minetest Play Stream (2 hours of gameplay from Twitch)

The Beginner's Guide - Full play through on Linux

Hero Generations: ReGen - A Linux Game.

I Play Faeria (Twitch Stream)

FEZ (got an update!) - A Linux Game!

Turn an Website into an Application! (Chromium tip!)

Skullgirls - A Linux game.

Wildstar - A Wine Adventure! - Linux

Some applications I use. - Linux (15 mins)

.Xpenguin - Featuring @Osirez, Games, Linus's little project turns 25... oh and POWERSHELL! #linux

openXcom - Its old X-Com but new.

Starbound - A Linux Game.

Minetest - Server Tour (30 mins of this)

Epistory - A Linux Game (and Typing chronicle)

Refunct - A Linux game

Leaving Google UPDATE - September 2016

DMCA's SKY (No Mario's here) - A Linux game

Runescape - A linux game

Another Rocket League Linux Video!

.Xpenguin - Show notes Live!

.Xpenguin Live , Rocket League, ARK, DLC, Handheld linux, and more...

Rocket League - Strong Language #Linux (Live Stream Archive)

ARK - Survival Evolved FAIL! - DLC or GTFO!

The First Hour of SOUL AXIOM (With twitch chat)

Halcyon 6 (My 4 HOUR STREAM)

Halcyon 6 - A GREAT Linux Game

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - A Linux Game.

Out There: Ω Edition - A Linux Game!

What The Box? - A Linux game

ElementryOS, A little look.

Spideroak - A dropbox that respects you!

How to Stream to Twitch with OBS (from LINUX!)

Canabalt - A Linux Game!

Devil Daggers - A Linux game!

Itch.io desktop client - Linux

GNOME Games 3.22 - First Impressions

YIIK - A post-modern RPG - at EGX!

Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth - A Linux Game

Space Explorers - A Linux.... achievement hunter style title.

.XPenguin - A bundle of x's (Linux Gaming talk with ArchToasty)

Factorio is life! - Linux

A review of steam reviews review thingy, being reviewed.

.XPenguin - We don't talk about epic.

Modding the Sims 3 - Linux.

Ys Origin - A tower of fun!

.XPenguin - Kylinux Visits.

GZDoom is better than the official re-release. Linux.

Using Firefox as a keyboard driven browser (Like Qutebrowser)

.XPenguin - Scratchin Bandit (Linux talk)

Ren'py - A Visual Novel creation tool (Explained, sort of)

A Short Hike. A game about a Short Hike.

.XPenguin - Colin Baker stopped me doing Show Notes.

Space Mercs - Space action from a Linux 1st developer.

Dicey Dungeons - Full Release, Linux

.XPenguin - Hamish The Object Oriented Polar Bear

Ion Fury - Retro, fast, fun now out of Early Access

HexDSL dot Co dot Uk is a thing... also did you know you can host your webpage on GitLab?

.XPenguin - No Toast, No Time!

X4: Foundations - Space ships are cool

Warfork - Its on steam now

.XPenguin - HamHamHam Haaaaaamish

Age of Wonders: Planetfall - First time played, on Linux.

.Xpenguin - Sticky (open) Sauce.

Human-powered spacecraft - Pedal like you are in space, because you are

Flatpak Lutris

.XPenguin - NintenDrew strikes!

Ys Chronicles 1 - I finished it, now i talk about it (Linux)

The big Steam Library Update. (I like it)

Merchant of the Skies - Sky Boats, With a Carrot thats sings. (Linux)

.Xpenguin - HexWolves (With Chris Were)

MewnBase... again - Because I really really like it (Linux)

Undefeated - A Free game (for real free) that I played on Linux

Noita - A Game with Wizards, i think.- its great. (Linux)

.Xpengiuin - Where in the world is Toasty Sandiego

How to use Markdown (A basic guide!)

Blop - A simple static site generator written in bash (I use it on my page)

.XPenguin - KyLinux installs Arch - Linux Talk.

Native Support means nothing - The Bazzar.

Littlewood - Relaxing, Wholesome, Linux

.XPenguin - A Solo Ramble, with added ramble.

Steam Remote Play Together Thoughts - The Bazaar (Linux)

Kingsway - Its like XFCE but a game - Linux.

.XPenguin - Vulkanised Rubber

Jupiter Hell - A Doom feeling Rogue-like for Linux

Dominus Galaxia - Linux, space, Good, free, new... all the words.

.XPenguin - DRM - Disney Ruins Media

UnderMine - There be Gold in that mine! (Linux)

Cogmind - A Great game.

.Xpenguin - Hex and Chris%27S Linux Banter

Newsboat - A GREAT way to read RSS on the Terminal. (Linux)

Elitism, Linux & Tilers: A story of Basketball

Newsboat DOES do cloud syncing. (Linux RSS reader)

.XPenguin - Kylinux is wrong. (Linux)

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! - Dont like it.

Hex and Drew played OpenMW (Multiplayer Morrowind) for 4 hours

Vulture for NetHack, Glhack and nethack... I like Roguelikes okay.

Xpenguin - Morrowind Special (With Chris Were and Drew)

Valve Finally brought Steam Broadcasting to Linux.

A Stadia Unboxing. Yes. It works in Linux.

A Stadia Stream (Playing on Linux) - Thoughts and commentary

.XPenguin - Stadia Special

Calcurse with cloud syncing - A terminal tool (Linux)

Rage 2 - Had a little look around (Linux)

.XPengIN - Linux, Lutris, Epic and Stadia (Also some VPN talk)

Bully: Scholarship Edition - Linux

The Steam Controller is over? - I unboxed maybe the last NEW one I will ever see?

Rocket League, Got No Loot Boxes Now Like.


Stow, Dot Files and deployment, a quality ramble!

Halo: Reach - Thoughts (Linux)

Bootleg Penguin - Just the intro.

The Best Linux games 2019 (The Hexies)

.XPenguin - Valentines day special

My Firefox Setup. (As requested!)

I played some Hades and chatted with some friends.

Hex Learns Hitman(TM) with Chris Were

.Xpenguin - The End.

Best Linux Games of 2019 (Community Edition)

Stadia & Destiny 2 - A little while later. (Still good?)

Google Drive. Locally Mounted? Yes, you can.

Protocore - Robots, space, two killy arms.

Donut County - The most Hole I have seen in a game.

Channel Trailer 2020

Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses - A silly Hidden Object game that I really liked

Art of Murder: FBI Confidential (A terrible adventure game)

Pixelorama - A NEW Pixel Art Application! (Linux)

Use Rofi for all the things. (Linux)

HexShards - Tape 1

Drew starts his own Peasants' Revolt on reddit /r/linux

Compositor rambling. (compton, picom, linux)

Mount And Blade: War Band - A beginners guide (by uoou)

Raft is great. I talk about that.

RetroFlag Gpi Case - A 20min ramble about how great it is (Linux talk)

A Crusader Kings 2 Tutorial By Uoou (Drew) - Pt. 1

My shame - I switched to Dropbox from Nextcloud.

Newsblur - a great RSS service.

Rocket league is cancelling Linux support. "No Tux No Bux" ???

My Stadia Experience update: Game selection not growing.

TemTem - PC Pokemon at its best.

A Crusader Kings 2 Tutorial By Uoou (Drew) - Pt. 2

Don't buy Zork on Steam.

How I use 'ln' to symlink all my stuff to Dropbox.

HexShards - Tape 2

.Hex - Some news items I had opinions about

Iratus: Lord of the Dead - First Impressions (Proton, Linux)

A Crusader Kings 2 Tutorial By Uoou (Drew) - Pt. 3

Office Tour - Because people asked for it...

GYLT (Stadia) - A game I did not enjoy.

Stop watching Linux Distro Reviews - They are pointless.

Fontpreview - Look at fonts, written in bash

Install all your Linux applications with a single command

A Crusader Kings 2 Tutorial By Uoou (Drew) - Pt. 4

nnn - A File Manager (By Uoou, again.)

Its NOT .XPenguin (Chris Were made me do this)

Want your movies as stylised wallpapers? (Linux Scripting)

Neon Noodles - My new favourite robot kitchen sim.

A Crusader Kings 2 Tutorial By Uoou (Drew) - Pt. 5

Hardware upgrade - Normal service now resumed.

Sensors-Detect is a thing. Sense all the things.

Horizon Chase Turbo - Summer Vibes DLC

Mainframe Defenders - Both Green & good.

World of Horror - A very cool story driven low-fi game about ghosts

Tux get Fux. (A Discussion)

A Crusader Kings 2 Tutorial By Uoou (Drew) - Pt. 6 (The End)

My Linux Desktop Workflow explained (BSPWM, VIM, NewsBoat and more)

Morrowind Tutorial By Uoou (Drew) - Pt. 1

Dropbox killed my Stadia (Linux)

The Longing - 20 mins of wondering around. (Linux)

Elgato Cam Link 4K works great on Linux (or, how I stream Switch games)

Morrowind Tutorial By Uoou (Drew) - Pt. 2

Hidden Through Time - Its a find it game folks

Banner of the Maid - A Game I Like (By Uoou)

Roundguard - This is not your granpa's Peggle.

HexShards - Tape 3

Morrowind Tutorial By Uoou (Drew) - Pt. 3

YouTube is not for technical support. Also, I like tea (A ramble)

Morrowind Tutorial By Uoou (Drew) - Pt. 4

Doom 64: Thoughts (It's been released on PC.. and works in proton)

Xfce and Mate. First impressions

198X - A bunch of 'meh' arcade games with fantastic art (Linux)

Fort Triumph - Early Access Enchanted forest X-Com like! (Linux)

Giraffe and Annika - Confusing RPG/rhythm game that made me confused. (Linux)

MATE desktop - Some Thoughts.

I tried Gnome. Actually really liked it.

Deiland - Mini planet adventuring. (Linux)

This week I played a lot of Dungeons 3 (Linux)

After all this DE/WM talk Drew decided to explain his workflow (Tilers, DWM)

Long Live The Queen - I Streamed it. Had a GREAT time. Heres the proof

KeeperRL thoughts - Lots of things to say, most not good but I still really like this game.

I tried Pop Shell. Its pretty good (But i broke it)

Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse - It works great on Linux.

Selfess Heroes - Game about programming knights to do stuff.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord - Uoou has been playing it. (Linux)

Morrowind Tutorial By Uoou (Drew) - Pt. 5

Whats NCDU? - NCurses Disk Usage (Linux)

Toot and Tweet from the terminal - RainbowStream and Toot (Linux)

My Time at Portia - Stardew-freerealms-like (Linux)

TUIR - Reddit in your terminal.

RSS in Terminal? Newsboat (Still using it daily)

XCOM Chimera Squad - It works on Linux (Proton)

Ultimate Linux Terminal Howto.

New to Linux? want to know what Disto I currently recommend?

Good Company - First Impressions (Linux)

Crossroads Inn - First time playing (Linux)

Streets of Rage 4 is Pretty Great

Got an R5600XT and everything was fine (It works great - Linux)

Nethack (With uoou)

Morrowind Tutorial By Uoou (Drew) - Pt. 6

Quest Hunter - Polished clicking. (Linux)

Make Vim nicer for writing longer documents? (Goyo and Limelight.)

MangoHud (and glmark2) Bench-marking & performance information for Linux.

DWM/BSPWM (A response to another video) - A Ramble.

Stadia+ extension: Making Stadia a little better.

Q & A (Some Question I was asked on Discord recently) - Linux

Tabletop Playground - It let me play Uno in a cyberpunk dystopia. (First impressions)

Guild of Dungeoneering - Works in Linux now. (Proton)

Aim Lab - Squish melons better (Linux, Proton)

Crucible: Amazons Overwatch? (Free to play - Linux - proton)

My Monitor Problem. Maybe YOU know how to fix this?

Manage your RGB motherboard lights on Linux

Kings Quest (2015) - First launch (because I wanted to play it)

My Ultimate Notes solution turned out to be Vim and Dropbox

Steam will pre-process your shaders now (Linux)

Steam Cloud Play - Some thoughts. (A Ramble... no content. just rambling)

Monster Train - Slay the Spire. on a train. (Linux)

More Monster Train Overview - With uoou (Linux)

Some terminal System Monitor applications you may not have heard of.

Blender Benchmark tool. (Linux)


Space Haven - Its space Jim but its also a good game (Linux)

All In One (AIO) Liquid coolers work great on Linux (Corsair 100i pro)

Space Haven - A few hours later, less enamored (Linux)

The Awesome Itch Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

Stig - CLI transmission front end. (Linux)

From Orbit - A game I played from Itch

Overland - Itch Adventures (Linux)

Persona 4 Golden - Playing it on Linux. After a little proton fix.

Got too many itch games to dig through? I made a list of the great ones for you.

Exclusively using the Windows version on the Itch client on Linux for best experience?

Swap files broken since update? me too.

Shapez.io - Its like a mini-factorio (Linux)

DRAG - Racing. Demo. Linux

DOOM Eternal - Just wonderful.

Stellaris - Federations, Lithoids Species Pack and more... It just keep getting better.

SkateBIRD - Demo

Everspace 2 Demo. Its pretty good. (Linux)

Distros dont matter - A ramble. Getting stuff off my chest.

Golf Peaks - A good Itch Game.

Outer Wilds - A quick look... but, its pretty great. (Linux)

Kappa Launcher for twitch (A rofi thing)

Cloudpunk - Awesome cyberpunk ambience (Linux)

Doom Eternal - Stadia wasn't enough for me?

Dungeons 3 Complete Collection (I just wanted to talk about how great this game is, again)

Do I play too many video games? - A Ramble!

Groove Coaster - So much fun, tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap I'm a little witch

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (Linux)

Monster Match - Pixel match 3 (Itch)

Insyc - Google drive syncing for your Linux desktop

Radical Solitaire - A card game, from Itch

What do I use for Twitch Chat? Chatty. Obviously.

Bubbles the Cat - An Itch game (Linux)

Proton GE - A more Glorious version of Valves Proton (Linux)

Planet Diver - A game about diving, into planets, from Itch.

That GE Update script I forgot to link (see description below the video)

IRC permanence (Lets always be connected to that)

Doom Eternal: A Story of technical support (A vlog)

Batman Arkham Knight - Works great in Proton (Linux)

Hackers. The CIA. Intrigue. A man named John. E-mail with HexDSL time.

Yes, Your Grace - It's good to be king

Satan Loves Cake - And worm things too apparently (Itch, Linux)

Use things as intended.... please - The Bazaar (with uoou)

Super low cost HDMI capture device. Tested on Linux

Creating a second Steam library (Linux)

Does an RSS online-service actually make my life easier? - The Bazaar

DOOM: Eternal - Finished it - No more technical issues. (Post game thoughts)

Star Wars: The Old Republic (Its on Steam now, I tested it in proton (Linux))

No Mans Sky - Someone asked me to see if its currently working well. so i did. (Linux)

Cheap HDMI Capture Device Update. (Linux)

Hellpoint - Like Darksouls but with more sci-fi (Linux)

Ravenfield - I don't get it. (Linux)

.XPenguin - Naked Dog Baths. (Linux)

Ranger - A File Manager that I like (Linux)

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Linux)

.XPenguin - Xwere and some rambling.

My Keyboard has "Internet Buttons" - Chris Were

You don't need Screenfetch - A little Hex Ramble (Linux)

Driftland: The Magic Revival - Linux

A Steam Controller ramble. (Linux, SC-Controller)

.XPenguin - Hamish is here

Outward - Played on Linux.

I am running Lutis in a systemd-nspawn Container

.XPenguin - Games, shilling, linux

Octogeddon - There are penguins in this one (Linux)

Ubuntu 32bit - A Conversation.

DOTA underlords - Its a FREE game, from VALVE

.XPenguin - Curses and Toast.

Lovely Planet 2: April Skies - Wholesome Linux fun.

How to setup D9VK in Lutris (Linux)

The STADIA conversation. (A Linux users point of view)

.XPengiun - 16 ish in 1984

Octopath Traveler (Linux, via Proton)

Rocket League (Ecto-1 and event) on Linux.

What DWM patches to use? (Suckless, Linux)

Linux Kernel, Zen Vs Arch. (Gamer Perspective)

.XPenguin - Stadia Cantos (Linux)

Seeds of Resilience (Linux)

I play SteamWorld Quest - On Linux :)

.XPenguin - Stop the Ming my (With ArchToasty)

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark - Tactics sand stuff!

HOT LEAD - such a great game... so good... just great.

.XPenguin with Cheese and Bees! (Linux Talk)

THE SWORDS OF DITTO - Linux is my sword :)

Descenders - I ramble while playing a game about bicycles!

.XPenguin - Episode 241543903 (Contains strong language)

Look at my Junk (Peripherals update)

No Mans Sky - Vulkan via New Proton! (i had a bad time)

Swag and Sorcery - A Game of bling. (Linux via Proton/wine)

.XPenguin - Blue Pigs and Toasty Guests

GNU Stow - Backup your Dots in a GNU way... lol

Spotify + Mopidy + ncmpcpp = The most Linux way to listen to music!

RIOT: Civil Unrest - Linux - First look

.XPenguin - The Great Q and A (Volume 1)

LEGO Harry Potter 1 - 4 (Linux, Via Proton)

DWM is good. A Conversation.


.XPenguin - Red shirt of destiny!

Lynx The terminal based Web Browser & a ramble (Linux)

That Boring Work-Flow Video everyone asked for! - Linux

.XPenguin - Post Powercut Penguin!

Forager - So cute, so fun, so GOOD!

I have no electric... But Still got a Friday upload!

Putt-Putt & Spy Fox! - Linux can Edutain you!

.XPenguin - No Lag all Toast!

IRC - what is it and how to I use it?

Pathway - Its like Indian Jones, but good (Linux)

Tropico 6 - First impression (Linux)

IRC & screenshots.

.XPenguin - No Risk of Borderlands 3 (Linux Talk)

Risk of Rain 2 - shoot things! (Linux)

Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced

GOPHER (a 15 min ramble!)

.XPenguin - DOT EX GOPHER! (Linux talk)

Thea: The Awakening. Linux game-play.

Space mining clicker (Linux)

I talk about Distro choices for gamers for bit - Linux

Tower Unite - That 3D Meeting place you always wanted (Linux/Proton)

Volcanoids - dig,dig, yay! (Linux)

.XPenguin - Security by Hipsterity

DWM - Patching Guide.

Moss Destruction - Linux moss themes shooting

Mavis Beacon 20 (I got this from ebay) - running on Linux! - correct version!

Mavis Beacon 20 (I got this from ebay) - running on Linux!


.XPenguin - I am not a CARROT! (With NuSuey)

Nintendo Switch NES controllers, but with Linux!

ErgoDox-ez - A long video about a nice keyboard (unboxing)

.XPenguin - Stress free, Content free, skill free & Ad free

The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians - Enhanced Edition (Linux)

Hollywood - The Best Application For The Linux Desktop.

I turned off my advertisements on all future uploads!

XPenguin - Don't be Drew.

Katamari Damacy REROLL - Joy in the form of a game (linux/proton)

The Sims 3 (30 Hours in) - On Linux!

.XPenguin - Tool Tips and Toasty

ytp - Search YouTube from the command line (Linux)

Spinnortality - Megalomania in the form of a Linux game.

.XPenguin - CandlePenguin (With NuSuey)

Stellaris: MegaCorp - Some thoughts on Stellaris (Because I have been playing it recently)

Ion Maiden (its been updated) - Retro but not (Linux Gaming)

Jon Shafer's At the Gates (Linux Gaming)

Mutt - Email for everyone (nerds like me)

.XPenguin - DirectXYZ

Feudal Alloy - Behold the Fish Bot Fury

Paladins works on Linux now. Thanks Proton

BSPWM - Its like I3 but not.

The Suckless Talk.

Use Steam to Select Windows or Native versions of games

.Xpenguin - 2 Guys 1 Proton (With NuSuey)

Heartbound - Its on Steam Now

Smith and Winston - shooting fun (Linux Game)

.XPenguin - I played none of the games.

I tried Qtiile (a tiling window manager written in python)

Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant Kingdom (Linux via Proton)

Looking for a Privacy responsible search engine (my quest)

My i3wm setup update 2019. (People asked for this)

Pass: the standard unix password manager

.XPenguin - No News is No News.

Horizon Chase Turbo - Linux Outrun goodness!

BallisticNG - Linux Wipeout

.XPenguin - Come at me 2019

Hypergate (Space Penguins... IN SPACE!)

The BEST Linux Games of 2018 (COLLABORATION VIDEO!)

The BEST Linux games of 2018 (The Hexies)

Sundered and a ramble (Linux Gaming)

I played GTA V (LINUX)

.XPenguin - All the Stores, none of the games

Mewn base (on Steam now!)

The Web Browser dilemma

.XPenguin - I Emby that Unreal Hat

Some more ARTIFACT thoughts. (25 hours in)

I play Super Tux Kart - Again.

.XPenguin - The ARTIFACT

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - On Linux! (via Steam/Proton)

Artifact - Linux - First Launch

Hex learns to play Crusader Kings 2 (its a long video)

How to use a Flatpak on Linux (a rambling guide)

.XPenguin - DreamToast

Viki Spotter - Its a spot the difference game. I don't know what I expected.

Total War: WARHAMMER II - First Look!

.XPenguin - Cyberpunk Vim surrealism

Bloody Rally Simulator - Top down Linux driving (Pre-release)

observer - Cyberpunk Linux Goodness

Forum dot XPenguin dot Club

I take a look at the Elecom Huge (wireless)

.XPenguin - XLate.

Fluffy Horde (I took care of the rabbits) - Linux gaming

Clicker Heroes 2 (Wine and clicks)

Two Point Hospital - Doctor Hex has arrived! (Linux Gaming)

.XPenguin - Games are good like

i3wm restore applications on login

NieR:Automata - Linux

.XPenguin - how long is my x?

SteamPlay Compatibility Reports (see if a windows game works on Linux)

ΔV: Rings of Saturn - Demo (first look, Linux)

A Ramble about i3wm

.XPenguin - Lost Cheese

BATTLETECH - Linux (Beta)

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen & Tactical Legacy Pack (Linux)

.XPenguin - The one with Chris Were

Farabel - Time Travelling Tactical Turmoil (Linux)

Let's Watch: Star Trek (TOS) - The Man Trap

Yooka-Laylee - Linux Collectathoning.

Trackball Deathmatch (Kensington Slimblade vs Elecom Huge)

.XPenguin - Neir a Yooka-laylee

CrossCode - 20 something hour later, extended thoughts. (Linux)

Kensington Expert Wireless thoughts

Depth of Extinction - totally not Terror from the Deep (Linux)

.XPenguin - Nusueys voice

Mana Spark - we got mana, we got sparks (Linux)

CrossCode - Nothing about this game makes me cross (Linux)

.XPenguin - EGX and Toast

The Culling - An hour of Salt with a friend

Overwatch bans and the case for Native ports (A Bazaar series of events)

GERTY - Early Access top down snow shovelling

.Xpenguin - Best Friends Foreverspace

Zowie EC2-A. The mouse I use on Linux

Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Linux

Making Warframe work in Steam on Linux

.XPenguin - Eggroll and Wine.

Polygod - A Linux Game

Lazy Galaxy Rebel Story - Shooting things, not very lazy (Linux)

.XPenguin - Samsimilated

Steam play/Wine Crackling in linux? (this is a fix)

Rambling and DOOM on Linux

.XPenguin - Steam Play Special (Romans go home)

QuteBrowser - Spawn MPV = better way to watch.

Reynard - Fox game, Linux, Itch

How to turn on steamplay & see if your games will run. (Run windows games in Linux via Steam)

The Escapists 2 - Free the Penguins! (Linux)

Steam play. (reaction to the BIG steam update)

Smart switches and and Amazon echo (vlog)

.XPenguin - the best toast is archtoast.

PeerTube, Mastodon & Syncthing - A Vlog.

Pipes - The Best Application for the Linux Desktop.

.XPenguin - The one where Hex changed everything.

CHASM - Its another 'Metroidvania' you know, another one. (A linux game)

Glitched wallpaper and a new terminal greeting. (A Vlog)

.XPenguin - The one without sim city 2000

This is, This is the Police 2 - Detective Linux

RTV - A better way to browser Reddit? (a Talk Through)

Dicey Dungeons - its not dicey its great

.XPenguin - The magical one

Northgard - For viking penguins!

Is DRM-free gaming worth bothering with? (at the moment)

Card City Nights 2 - Single player card game, in space, for Linux

.XPenguin - The one where the USB misbehaved.

YTCC - It manages YouTube, but on the command line. :)

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption - A Glorious quest for Linux

.XPenguin - The one with the Astromech

Hyper Sentinel - its retro, its got awesome sounds and its on Linux

Unforeseen Incidents, An adventure with great art (linux)

.XPenguin - The one with all the Plugins

Battle.net (overwatch) on linux (via Lutris) again.

Space Food Truck (I play a little, and explain it as I go)

Mewn Base. Cats on the mewn (Linux, Itch)

Community, philosophy, open source and a screenshot script

.XPenguin - The one with Cyberpunks.

Cat Quest - A game about cats that I played on Linux (using wine)

Linux Games I purchased in the Steam Sale

.XPenguin - the one where it went all wobbly at the end.

Dead Cells is now available on Linux

A game called Murder (Linux)

Game I play on Linux regularly.

.XPenguin - The one with the the pack of wine

FOX n FORESTS - or, fluffy animal destruction simulation when i play

A ramble about Linux enthusiasm, is it turning people away?

.XPenguin - The one where ArchToasty was cooler than me (again)

Cultist Simulator - I streamed a fresh play.

A Witcher 3 DXVK ramble.

Cultist Simulator, its a confusing card game with a nice table. (Linux)

.XPenguin - The one from Craggy Island

Star Traders: Frontiers - its SO good (25 min ramble about how great this game is)

Slipstream - Retro racing built with Linux

SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics finally arrived on Linux

.XPenguin - The one with real Hamish (Linux talk)

Coffee Crisis - Sega Genesis levels of pixel fun (Linux)

Tomato Town - a wonderful you can get on Itch

In defence of visual novels. (Highway Blossoms and others)

use the AUR? time to get a new helper (pacaur, yaourt, yay)

.XPenguin - The one with the hmmmm

Trailblazers mario, wipeout, splatoon racing (Linux)